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Thank you for visiting my website,I'm the master of this website, people call me Enson, International Amateur Radio Callsign: BH4F**, holding the Class A Amateur Radio Station Operating License issued by Chinese Radio Amateur Committee (CRAC) and the Radio Station Registration License issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, P.R.C. Got the title of Network Engineer (Intermediate) in China after assessment. Currently is a High-school student in Shanghai, China. Keen on Aerial Photographing and Visual Effects Analyzing & Editing, have lots of hobbies in my spare time: Photographing, Video Recording, Amateur Radio, Guitar, Hi-Fi, Network Topology researching... etc. Especially, I'm interested in Network and Servers, know a little about PHP Language development. In October 2019, the "EN-NP VMS Volunteer Management System" developed by myself was awarded the Computer Software Copyright Certificate by the National Copyright Administration, P.R.C. I have some websites. The Hi-Res Music BBS(In Maintenance Now) can generate a little income for me.

Aerial Photography 100%
Favor in IT 85%
Favor in Hi-Fi 75%
Favor in Amateur Radio 95%
Favor in Post-Production 85%

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